Panchakarama is the sacred manthra of rejuvenation. Panchakarma in Ayurveda means five type of therapeutic way of treatment to eliminate toxins from the body and to replenish the tissues of the patient. The common procedure of Panchakarma includes Emesis (Vamanam), Purgation (Virechanam), Medication Oil Enema (Snehavasthi),Enema with herbal decoction, oils, honey etc(Kashayavasthi) and Installation of medicines through nose (Nasyam).


Full body Ayurvedic massage with herbal oils followed with herbal steam for complete relaxation, detoxification & rejuvenation.


Continuous stream of herbal oil poured over the forehead for deep relaxation of mind & body. Works as a Stress buster.


A dry herbal powder full body massage to refresh the body, purify skin, improve circulation & burn excessive fats in the body.


Herbal oils administered through nostrils for rejuvenation & cleansing of toxins from upper half of the body. Cures sinus, migraine, hair fall, paralysis, etc.

Shiro Abhyangam

Anti-stress head massage with herbal oils to relieve muscular tension from head, neck & shoulders and helps in various hair problems.


Hot Herbal oil therapy with help of a dough ring on the lower back to alleviate any kind of backache, compressed disc, sciatica, etc.


Hot Herbal oil therapy with help of a dough ring on the knee joint which aids in lubrication of the joints & relieves any knee joint pain or swelling.


Both the ears are filled with herbo-mineral oils which helps in relaxation of mind, cleansing of toxins, lubrication, sharpens hearing & cures any kind of ear problems.

Kavala - Gandusha

Holding in mouth or gargling with medicated decoctions helps in freshness of body & mind, gives complete oral health, improves taste sensation, voice quality & complexion.

Netra Tarpanam

Herbal drops are instilled in both the eyes carefully which helps to cleanse eyes, improve vision & brightness, increase freshness, relieve stress due to intense computer use, reading, watching T.V, etc.

Hrid Basti

Unique therapy for heart & chest problems like improper functioning of heart, asthma or any lung problems. Hot medicated oil or decoction is placed in a dough ring over chest.

Greeva Basti

Hot oil therapy for nape (back) of the neck region to relieve the muscles from continuous strain due to day-to-day work. Cures cervical spondylitis, pain or swelling in neck region, etc.

Detox Package (Vamana & Virechana)

Total detoxification & cleansing of body in just two days by therapeutic vomitting & loose motions. Highly recommended for all the individuals to have a happy and healthy life. Cures recurrent cold-cough, asthma, hyper acidity, all types of skin problems, etc.

Netra Basti

Eyes are immersed in sterile medicated ghee with help of dough ring for keeping eyes healthy and improving vision. Cures various eye problems like dryness, redness, burning, etc.

Matra Basti

Introduction of medicated oil in intestines through anal canal to eliminate toxins, improve digestive power, prevent aging, bring back lustre, strength & longevity. Cures constipation, any joint pains, muscular pains, etc.

Rakta Mokshana

Removal of impure blood & toxins from the body with help of leeches. Cures all types of skin problems, hyper acidity, headache, gout, etc.

Nabhi Basti

Hot medicated oil therapy done on stomach to strengthen digestive system. Cures poor appetite, flatulence, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, etc.


Slow stream of warm medicated oil in a large quantity, poured all over the body with gentle massage to make the oil penetrate into the skin. Gives deep relaxation & rejuvenation to whole body by nourishing skin, muscles, bones and joints. Cures arthritis, spondylitis, paralysis, sexual weakness, nervous weakness, etc.

Netra Prakshaalana

Cleansing of eyes with herbal decoctions to remove toxins and keep eyes healthy forever. Cures all eye problems.

Agni Karma

Intentional heat burn therapy for instant relief from stiff and painful joints, frozen shoulder, sciatica, pain in heel, migraine, cervical spondylitis, corns, warts, etc.

Mukha Lepanam

Herbal paste is applied to the face for giving glowing skin and also helps to cure acne, blemishes, wrinkles, dry or oily skin.

Shiro Pichu

Special herbs are mixed with oil and applied on top of the head to relax & cool the mind wholly. Helps to cure migraine, high blood pressure, facial paralysis, etc.

Pottli Swedana

Whole body is massaged with herbal oils followed with scrubbing of medicated bolus after dipping it in hot herbal decoction. This penetrates deep in the muscle tissue giving strength and firmness & helps for relaxation and rejuvenation. Cures parkinsons, arthritis, sciatica, back pain, joint stiffness, spondylitis, sprains, etc.

Naadi Swedan

Hot fomentation of localised areas with help of vapors of medicated decoction after hot herbal oil massage is done in that particular area. Helps for detoxification, softening of body, blood circulation, decreasing pain, swelling or stiffness, etc.


Application of thick herbal paste of potential herbs, spices, herbal juices and buttermilk on any part of body for rejuvenation & glowing of skin. Also helps to cure skin diseases, swelling, backache, headache, etc.

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