What is more important : DIGESTION OR NUTRITION?

There is a most important existence in this world is HUMAN BEING.
Two factors that affect most to HUMAN LIFE is 1) Nutrition 2) Digestion

Today everybody run after nutritious food and keep searching for nutritious
food, though it is expensive also.
But in this scenario they forgot basic step of DIESTION
Without proper digestion power any nutritious food will not give any good
impact in fact it will give only disease!!!!
If you have proper digestion power and take only basic simple diet it will give
you more nutrition effect on your body better than costly nutritious food.
So come back to your basic and first protect or improve your digestion power
then go for diet follow cycle.
Ayurveda always forcefully says “AGNIMULAM BALAM PUNSAM”
Main strength of human is agnibal
If you take good food in poor agnibal it will become “aam” and become
poisonous for body. It will invite various disease in body.
One famous Dietician also said “Mostly people become ill after eat more
nutrious food in more quantity”

Who save and protect digestion power, it will save them as well.
Always true Ayurveda doctor cleans your body by panchkarma to
remove AAM and then start any medicines.